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New Year; New you? And all that jazz

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Well we got through Xmas at break neck speed. We ate too much; drank way too much and had a fab time with family and friends. Ophelia got inundated with presents and now has a concept of what Christmas is.

Now we’ve reached human slug state thoughts naturally turn to the year ahead.


WTAF?! I hadn’t even registered we were entering a new decade until the last few days of the year. *facepalm*

So New Year’s resolutions. I’ve seen many a post about how we are enough as we are. And I agree. But I still like the umph that the New Year gives me. I did away with resolutions a few years ago and prefer to set goals/things to look forward to so to that end here are my things for 2020:

Weight – yes I know this could easily be an unhealthy theme but for me it’s something I actually need to work at (or rather pay attention to) to keep within a healthy weight range. At 5ft2 it’s very easy to slip out of a healthy BMI. Over the last 6 months I’ve noticed my weight creep up. I want my clothes to fit and feel better on plus the heavier I am I actually feel pain around the c-section scars. If I can be in control and know the cause of the pain at least I can do something about it. I want to be a healthy Mum and not imagine a sousaphone every time I’m pushing a pram! So I’ve reset my target at Slimming World with an aim to lose around 11lbs over 12 weeks. Nice and steady. Another benefit of a little bit of weight loss is to not feel like a beached whale in warmer climes. Yep – even at a size 10/12 I get the ol’ chub rub on the thighs and swell like a balloon so I would very much like try to mitigate this.

Travel – speaking of warmer climes I’m planning a trip to New York at the end of May with my Botswana Buddies and I’m ridiculously excited and nervous in equal measure. This will be the first international trip away without husband or child! I’ve also discovered that my cousin and his girlfriend will be there at the same time so hopefully we can meet up and recreate some photos from our first trip there back in 2003. If anyone knows any companies to use for self-catered or good hotels that would recommend that would be great. One of the buddies has had way too many bad experiences with AirBnB!

We are also in early the planning stages of weekends away with friends in the UK and a holiday with our Scottish pals in Greece or Italy at some point. So child friendly villa recommendations please!

Theatre and comedy – I’ve really pulled out the stops for this one already! Tickets have been bought for:

  • The Marriage of Figaro (wife points as this is Andrew’s thing)
  • The Boys are Back Tour
  • Foil Arms and Hogg
  • The Book of Mormon
  • This is Going to Hurt
  • Six! The Musical

Ophelia – try not to be a crap parent basically. We have to apply for her school place towards the end of the year. Again WTAF. She was only born 5 minutes ago!

Alexandra – she should turn 5 this year. All that time in a blink of an eye and yet it feels like another lifetime. I’ve been throwing around ideas about holding a little back garden party in the summer at some point to fundraise for SANDs, Tommy’s and Beyond Bea Charity but I’m not sure. I’d put immense pressure on myself and probably set a target that’s way too high. I know I can organise stalls in my sleep (Girlguiding training) but I would be concerned that I would end up crying like Niles in Frasier when he thinks no-one’s coming to his party and get the anger!

But the main thing for us both is to surround ourselves with people we feel bring out the best in us and vice versa. Some of our friends have experienced really poo things in 2019 and we hope to continue to support them in the best way that we can. We also have friends expecting to bring babies home this year and again we want to be able to support them whilst taking care of our own hearts and worries.

So, I hope 2020 is good to us. I hope we can face any difficulty with honesty (easier said than done) and I hope for more progress to the house to be made with the calling of trades’ people eventually. Mama needs some colour charts!

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