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We’re not in Kansas anymore

Some things don’t change

So we’ve been in the new house for 2 ½ months now and we’ve had several “we’re not in Kansas anymore moments” in making the move from South to North Leeds.

For days we were high as kites and it’s taken a long time to come down and realise that this isn’t all a dream and we’re not going to be told that there’s been a mistake and we have to go back.

So here are a few WTAF plus aww that’s so nice moments we’ve had:

  1. For the first couple of days our ears hurt like we had tinnitus and it felt like there was a huge pressure bearing down on them. Then we realised; we’re no longer a mile away from the M62 – we couldn’t hear the soft hum of cars all the time!
  2. The streets are tree lined (we used to live on a 90s build estate)
  3. The local chippy offers 3 different portion sizes and offers a gluten free option
  4. I’m in sensible walking distance from 3 mini supermarkets and the walk doesn’t involve hills!
  5. You can pay by card at the ice cream van in the park; it also has a vegan option
  6. There’s a lot less litter
  7. Neighbours delivered cards when we moved in so we knew a few names and within days we knew more names than we ever knew in 8 years in our last house
  8. The street includes a mathematician, doctor and a psychiatrist
  9. Although the bus service is a lot better; the drivers are definitely grumpier
  10. The house prices on some of the nearby streets are insane
  11. We can hear the neighbours practise piano
  12. The neighbour’s kid is learning the bagpipes
  13. There are 3 other Mums with young kids on the street
  14. We’ve had a street party (that we could go to) and met lots of new neighbours
  15. One of the local hairdressers charges £60+ for a cut & blow (NOPE!)
  16. Everything is about 1/3 more expensive #northleedstax

Thankfully, the positives make the sheer amount of work we need to the house bearable. We’ve started stripping off wallpaper and getting rid of things left behind on Freecycle (including a small water butt, broken greenhouse, safe, old carpet, electric fire, safe and footstool!) The rewire has been completed and we’ve got the boiler replacement booked in. Quickly followed by re-plastering and loft boarding. It’s going to be a huge amount of work but it’s going to look like what Humphrey is missing by the end of it.



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