Harry’s Story

When I started putting together ideas for starting a blog last year; my aim was to get other parents talking about loss. I wanted everyone to be aware and to help get conservations going.

I met Lynsey last year when we installed the Forget Me Not Yarn Bomb installation in our town and she told me about her first baby Harry.

This is their story:

Harry’s Footprints


My name is Lynsey I am 24 years old and I am a mother to 2 children and 1 angel baby. My first pregnancy was when I was just 16. I went to a walk in clinic with my sister to do a pregnancy test that then showed up positive. Telling my parents was the worst but promised I would stay in work until I was able to go on maternity.

Just before Christmas when I was around 17 weeks pregnant I went into hospital with a bleed my baby’s heart beat was checked and I had swabs done that showed I had strep b. My urine also showed that I had a urine infection. I was sent home with antibiotics and told everything was fine. A week later the bleed still hadn’t stopped, I went back to the hospital where the same had happened again my baby’s heart beat was checked and I was sent home.

Christmas went by my family had bought baby stuff and decorated my baby’s nursery everything was set and ready for when the baby arrived. On 7th January when I was 20 weeks pregnant I woke up at 9am needing the toilet by this time I was still bleeding but since I was sent home twice I thought it was normal for the pregnancy. I went back to bed but when I lay down I felt a gush of water/blood I went back to the toilet and realised I was losing lots more blood plus clots. Soon after I started with contractions whilst waiting for the ambulance to arrive.

I was in labour and my body was contracting and pushing my baby out whether I liked it or not. At 9.30am my son was born in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. He was so small and never had a chance of making it. After they took Harry away I was rushed down to theatre as the placenta was stuck and wouldn’t detach. I stayed in hospital for 2 days with Harry before I went home as I didn’t want to see him deteriorate and he was been sent for a partial post mortem as I didn’t want him to be cut open.

Whilst in hospital there was nothing to dress Harry in, there was no knitted hats. I have since then set up a home based charity in the name of my son. Making so far hats, comfort squares and preemie octopuses. Hoping to help other families that go through the same thing so that they have something to dress their baby in and keepsakes.



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