Hips don’t lie?

The legendary Steph is back; this time about her daughter Helen who was born with “clicky hips”


Being a mummy of three you get to your 3rd pregnancy and know what to expect; sort of; kind of; erm wasn’t like that for me. This was a pregnancy were I was running around after two small people and worked three days a week – I loved it! I got to 36 weeks and was told I needed another scan as they felt that my baby was breach. I wasn’t too sure what to expect so I phoned my hubby and explained what it meant and said “I don’t really know what to expect this hasn’t happened before.” Be rite Steph don’t worry love you try get some rest. Okay love you too.

The next day we went to hospital for my appointment not knowing what to expect. My hubby said it’s okay we will see what the doctor says and take it from there. After confirming that my baby was breach we were scheduled in three days later to try and turn her. I was nervous. I was nearly at the end of my pregnancy and knew his day would be a bit tough. I said bye to my two babies and went into hospital nervous and scared keeping a brave face on. I had it in the back of my mind that the worst case scenario was that my baby may be delivered that day. Thankfully she turned and all was well with baby. I went home and had three weeks of is baby here yet? Is she making an appearance yet? And finally she did; one day over her due date 8lbs 3oz of beautiful baby girl.

I was relived and proud that she was okay and safe and finally I had my little girl in my arms. We were put into the ward the next day and had her paediatric tests. “Her hips don’t feel right did you say she was breach? “ The kind young doctor inquired I nodded “okay I will get the consultant to have a look at her”.

After three hours the consultant appeared and checked her hips and explained about hips dysplasia. I felt numb but kept a brave face and nodded as they told me what it was; something I had never heard of before; was my baby okay? Thankfully she took the time to answer our questions and ordered a scan on her hips. The next day we were back at hospital for a scan and we were sent home again. We just got into the car and had a phone call to book an appointment the following day with the consultant to discuss the scan.

Cut to Friday and the consultant came and looked at my beautiful little girl. To me she was perfect; sleeping well and eating well. The nurses all came to look at the beautiful tiny baby and said how much hair she had and how beautiful she was. We saw the consultant and he looked at her hips and explained that she had DDH or hip dysplasia. He let us ask any questions and reassured us about this condition. He fitted her with a harness to keep her legs in place to manipulate the bone into regenerating. He told me put her in a vest then her harness and put her clothing over the top and no one will even know she is wearing it. Sounds simple you might say if it wasn’t for the hottest summer in 30 years!
We got into the car and I asked hubby if he was okay he was in shell shock “you just want your kids to be okay” and she will be I smiled “she’s a Yorkshire lass we are made of tough stuff” we smiled at each other “let’s just take it an appointment at a time” I said make it up as we go along sort of deal.
Over the next few months and weeks I explained to people about my little girl when they asked about her harness. I told them my theory was if people ask and you tell them it raises awareness and educates people and surely that can’t be a bad thing???

We progressed and some days I felt guilty about her wearing the harness it was my fault I had one job to do produce a happy healthy baby that was my job and I hadn’t done it. Then we had our check-ups she was doing so well that she was allowed a wiggle harness free for an hour a day! I was so proud of my little girl and was so happy she was doing well her hips were doing what they needed to do. She would sometimes cry when input her back in her harness and it was heart breaking so I learned to sing and talk away to her when I did this always smiling re-assure her mummy was here and it would all be okay.

She’s now at a point where for another two weeks we will have her harness on and after that 100% harness free. Her hips have developed so well that now we have an annual review.
DDH will affect 3 in 1000 babies in the UK. If caught early enough then it’s easily treated. Going back though all the memories to write about it makes me cry tears of pure joy! I’m so happy my baby is okay and so so proud of her; she’s my big strong Yorkshire lass and honestly I wouldn’t want her any other way. As always thank you to the NHS and thank you to the amazing people in our lives especially the ones who said it be rite and made me a brew on the harder days you really made the difference. So thank you

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