You got a friend in me

In Girlguiding we have a song about making friends:

Make new friends,
but keep the old.
One is silver,
the other is gold.

A circle is round,
it has no end.
That’s how long,
I will be your friend

Well, we all know friends come and go but the precious few we should hold on to.

My new(ish) friend Steph (we became proper friends in the haze of losing Alexandra although we knew of each other through local Guiding) text me as she had been making preemie squares and octopi for the Leeds NICU and as it was Alexandra’s birthday coming up and wondered if it would be ok to donate them in honour of her? – Cue me shedding a tear on my lunch break. More than ok love. I asked her to send me a picture and if she had time (ha ha she’s got 3 kids!) if she would write something. These are her words:


“I love to make these for local hospitals and for anyone who may need or want one. I am a Mummy of three and love being a Mummy. It’s the best thing ever; I love my children unconditionally. I don’t always get it right but each day I try doing better than yesterday. For anyone who has lost a child or baby it’s shitty; you don’t know what to say and you try to imagine what they must be going through. Some people love to tell you all about their child.

I remember meeting Claire in Weatherspoon’s and looking at her photos in a paper envelope. She was very proud and wanted to show me her daughter as all Mummies are. I said I that had a beautiful pink photo album and would love to give it to her for her photos of her beautiful daughter. We smiled and shared our birth stories because irrespective of where your children are; you are still a member of the Mummy club. You’re still proud and you’re still someone who has experienced giving birth and everything that comes with it.

I love making home made things and I always ask people if it’s okay to donate in their child’s name. They are always really pleased with that. We as Mummies need to share our stories support each other; to be proud of our kids and sometimes vent. Good or bad days will always come but being a member of Mummy club is a badge of honour and we wear that badge with pride for life. For all the Mummies: in case no one has told you today; you’re a good mum and you’re doing a good job ‘sometimes it’s not about waiting for the storm to pass it’s learning how to dance in the rain’.”

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For what it’s worth; that pink photo album is well loved and well worn as it’s the one I can quickly grab to show to people. I will always be thankful for that act of kindess.

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