A trip to Yorkshire Lavender


At the start of July O and I had a little day trip with my tinder Mum friend Laura (we met through the app MUSH!) and her little boy.


Yorkshire Lavender is in the village of Terrington the Howardian Hills of North Yorkshire. The drive was about 75 minutes from Leeds and I thoroughly enjoyed the drive. It’s very rare for me to do a long drive of an hour and even rarer for it not to be completely motorways. O wasn’t as much of a fan of the long drive as me. Since I learnt to drive I’ve never really shied away from long drives (I hate inner city driving though!); it’s my independence and I absolutely love it.


As a Rightmove/Zoopla addict I was getting property wet dreams driving through all the pretty villages North of York – one even had a castle! Oh to have the money to be able to afford a place there. One fears our list of needs is way too long to be compatible with our budget and my grand aspirations of a country home with land! Thankfully, the satnav got me there in one piece and not in the roundabout area with no idea if I was nearby or utterly lost! O obviously fell asleep just before we arrived.

The day we went was blisteringly hot; it felt like the South of France.  On arrival the dust was intense – you could really tell it hadn’t rained in weeks. As I was getting all our gubbins out of the car wondering how long O would sleep for I noticed that the sight and scent of all the lavender was lovely. I’m not normally a fan of lavender but I’m definitely converted now.


As amusing sight was a rather lovely looking gal posing in the lavender with her well trained insta-boyfriend taking the pictures! She had very many accessories and I’m sure they’re suitably tagged. Yorkshire Lavender is a seriously good location for Instagram worthy photos!


Entrance is really cheap – just £3 for adults and £1.50 for children age 5-15. Admission is only charged June-August. The park itself is huge – there’s carefully planted walk ways, a pond that was suffering somewhat in the heat, a children’s play area and a sculpture depicting Yorkshire cricket. Our little legged humans didn’t keep up with most of the walking and insisted on being carried but it gave my arms a bit of work out. The gravel was probably the highlight for O.


We had a potter around the gardens and attempted to visit the deer but I think they were looking for shade and that was in really short supply. Whislt ensuring we were piling fluid and snacks into the tiny ones we spotted 3 coach trips rock up so we dove into the café which was a genius move as it was quickly packed. Clearly the café and shops is where they make their money. The girl on the till humoured my dithering (I had gone out of target range at fat club that morning) and I really enjoyed my lunch – despite having to duck for cover with O’s delightful habit of “experiencing” her food. I think my parents would really enjoy a day trip here too so hopefully we will go again next year in the summer.


Last stop was the gift shop where I got a good haul of lavender themed goodies including Yorkshire Lavender Gin; obviously.

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